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Accessible and Reliable.

Our comprehensive product range, across our multiple brands, offer a level of protection and performance few can match.

We believe everyone should be properly protected with affordable and reliable home safety products.

Smoke & Heat

The simplest step you can take to cut the risk of dying from a fire in your home.

Carbon Monoxide
(CO) Alarms

Protection from the ‘Silent Killer’ – only an alarm would warn you of the presence of CO.

Safety Products

From extinguishers and safes, to specialist products for the deaf and hard of hearing, we produce a range of products so everyone is protected.


Brands & Markets

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A complete range of fire and CO safety using quality and design.

AngelEye offers the highest level of protection provided by modern technology. Products are easy to install, intuitive to use, and require minimal maintenance.

Products combine advanced design and technology to provide effective and attractive domestic protection solutions.

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Targeted at skilled professionals who want to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

BRK offers a comprehensive range of 230V mains powered smoke alarms, heat alarms and carbon monoxide alarms to the contractor, specifier and distributor. BRK is the benchmark for professional safety products. Our products are targeted at skilled workers and should be fitted by qualified electricians.

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Market leading products targeted at discerning retail and trade customers with high expectations.
FireAngel is committed to innovation. We combine state of the art technology and design flair to deliver the most reliable, efficient and desirable home safety solutions.

FireAngel will extend its strong retail presence and continue to be the brand of choice for the UK’s Fire Brigades.

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As inventors of the first domestic smoke alarm, First Alert has over 40 years’ experience in manufacturing safety products.

It is the trusted global brand in home safety, selling circa 14 million smoke alarms annually.

First Alert is targeted at customers who put their trust in wisdom and experience, with products that stand the test of time. A brand with real impact. A brand that demands to be seen and heard.

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France Retail

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Sprue has been appointed the UK distributor for the award winning range of cooker safety systems from Finnish company Innohome Oy.

The Stove Alarm monitors the cooker and sounds an alarm if there is a potential fire situation, whilst the Stove Guard reacts to an alarm by turning the power supply off.

The Guard and the Stove Alarm contain a unique intelligent heat sensor that monitors heat but in addition also tracks the rate of increasing temperature.

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Welcome to the world of SONA.

A complete range of innovative fire and carbon monoxide safety solutions. We’ve developed the most technically advanced products that are easy to specify, easy to fit and easy to maintain.

Clever not complicated. 

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Driven by passionate people and a common goal – to save lives!

We are totally committed to utilising the most up-to-date technologies and applying the latest product design to deliver reliable, affordable, attractive and desirable home safety solutions across the brands.

We take the best that exists and then make it better, when it doesn’t exist, we design it.

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Wi-Safe 2 technology provides wireless communication across a broad range of products that display the Wi-Safe 2™ logo, intelligently linking them to give a faster response to the dangers of smoke and carbon monoxide.

If an alarm is activated by smoke, heat or CO, Wi-Safe 2 ensures that all the interlinked alarms sound almost instantaneously (in either a smoke or CO alarm pattern).

When a Wi-Safe 2 network of products is installed, the resulting 'meshed network' ensures that alarms will continuously communicate with each other, sending and receiving wireless signals, meaning a fast reaction to smoke, heat or CO across the network.

10 Year Sealed For Life


Alarms fitted with 10 year lithium batteries remove the need to regularly replace the power source, and over the life of the product become excellent value for money.

Our sealed for life products also provide a back-up power source for mains products, eliminating the risk of no protection in a power cut.

Heat alarm sensing technology Thermistek constantly monitors for temperature change. If a temperature increase is detected, and predicted to exceed an alarm trigger threshold, the alarm will sound.

62% of fires start in the kitchen.*

The unique radiant dish provides a much quicker response time to fast flaming fires - up to 2 minutes quicker.


*Fire Statistics: Great Britain April 2012 to March 2013,

Thermoptek is the smoke alarm technology of choice for UK Fire & Rescue services.
It provides an alternative to using separate ionisation and optical alarms; for detection of fast flaming and slow smouldering fires in a single alarm.

It combines the very latest in optical sensing with a thermal enhancement. It constantly monitors for temperature change and if sudden rate of temperature rise is detected the sensitivity of the alarm is increased.

Toast Proof


Toast Proof smoke alarms are less prone to false alarms from cooking fumes, therefore suitable for locations near kitchens.

Optical smoke alarms are more effective at detecting slow smouldering fires: cigarettes on furniture and bedding; overheating electrical cables.

However, Toast Proof (Optical) smoke alarms are more susceptible to false alarms from steam and should not be located too close to bathrooms and showers.


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